Lab logo showing yellow AM waves flowing into an ear and exiting as spike trains

What we do at the Recanzone Lab.

Our research investigates how natural aging affects the cerebral cortex, the neural structure that is necessary for one to perceive, and appreciate, different sound qualities.

Age-related hearing deficits affect the majority of American retirees, and virtually all Americans over the age of 75. These deficits go beyond a simple loss of hearing, but also result in a poor ability to tell where different sounds are coming from, and in understanding speech. Our ultimate objective is to better understand cortical processing mechanisms in young and aged brains in order to develop effective remedial therapies to circumvent age-related hearing loss.

Here Comes Grad School!

The update so nice, you get to read it twice!

This week not one, but TWO Recanzone Lab members were accepted into graduate school.  Jordan Roberts received an offer from the Education program at UC Davis, and is waiting to hear from other schools including Stanford and USC.  Kendall Stewart was accepted into the UC Davis Neuroscience Graduate Program.

We wish a hearty congratulations to both Jordan and Kendall, with best wishes for their future!